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Classy Missy Styling Categories

Head To Toe Makeover

Generic Style Consulting

  1. You and an us will go through every piece of clothing in your closet, from shirts to shoes to scarves – even earrings! We help you choose what to keep, alter

  2. Once you two decide what stays and what goes, we can start on your fresh new look. We’ll show you new ways to wear old favorites and share Classy Missy's accessorizing secrets!

  3. Next, Classy Missy creates a prioritized list of new clothes and accessories to buy that will maximize your current wardrobe. You can purchase them over time, Classy Missy carefully stays in line with your lifestyle and your budget!

Want to look perfectly polished all year long? This package is for you! This package includes two “Edit Your Wardrobe” Closet Consults (one for Spring/Summer and one for Monsoon/Winter). 

A two hour in-home Wardrobe Edit plus two hours of personal shopping. This is our most popular package! This package can be completed in one day, or separated into two different days.

INR 24,500

INR 10,000

Packing for your Travel

All Year Along Makeover (Spring, Summer/ Fall, Winter)

Let the stylist handle your burden of packing for your business trip or vacation! We will personalise your wardrobe according to your travel destination, weather and the events that are planned on your trip. So, look fabulous without a stress and thinking twice!

 The Stylist is going to help you with an “All Year Along Makeover” for different seasons and different occasions. Under the guidance of the Stylist, your wardrobe is going to consist of all the essentials, also includes with a special “call for help” in a situation of emergency. This is a subscription model where the stylist is going to style you every month by looking at that month’s schedule and events lined up.

INR 6,500

INR 50,000 Per Annum
4,100 Per Month

Per Season Styling

Schedule a Skype appointment with an Edit Stylist and together you can eliminate any and all clothing dilemmas!

Need a seasonal wardrobe update, clothes for an upcoming vacation or just one outfit for a special occasion? Let Edit create the best look(s) for you, all via email. We will send you outfit suggestions, complete with shopping links, so you can shop online and have the perfect clothes and accessories delivered to your doorstep.

INR 6,500