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About Us

Evolution of Classy Missy


Let your classiness pour out loud!
Breaking the rules and making your own rules to be you, all you!
Here at Classy Missy, we make our own styling attempts to look classy and bold!
Classy Missy is here to tweak your style by closely understanding your personality and give the same
persona to your styling. Be it an everyday look, occasional look or packing your personalised travel
Classy Missy strongly believes that everyone’s got their own style and a way to carry it. But many
people either don’t have the time or budget to fulfil their dream styling. That is where Classy Missy
comes into act and lets all your dreams come true.
Every look is styled especially for you, cutting the chances of you “twinning” with anyone; the
probability of that mean girl and you wearing the same dress? No way! That being said, explore
yourself and your fashion today with your personalised Classy Missy stylist.